The Same Lead Generation Tool...

that is used by many internet marketers to generate leads, can now be customized to your brand!

The Targeted Lead Extractor is a powerful tool in itself. It can deliver in minutes, hundreds of targeted emails from people who are seeking offers and business opportunities.

By having it customized with your brand it becomes even more powerful!

Not only are you getting the fully unlocked version of The Targeted Lead Extractor, it will be branded to you with your Brand, Logo, Product, MLM Site or Offer.

Once you have your branded copy, you can give it to your MLM downline to help them start building prospects.

The "footer" image is a clickable link, that can point to any URL.
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Here are the Particulars:

You will need to supply the following information:

1) Header:332 Pixels Wide X 70 Pixels Tall, 300 DPI
2) Footer: 332 Pixels Wide X 177 Pixels Tall, 300 DPI
3) URL: The exact URL that you want the footer image to point to.

Once we receive your information, we go to work and customize the software to your brand and inject your URL so that it will point to your; Website, CPA offer, MLM Site, Affiliate Offer, Mobile Opt-In Page or any other web based site.

Terms and Conditions
Click here and read the terms of sale!

I am making this offer to you, business to business. If you decide to purchase your branded version of the Targeted Lead Extractor, I promise to work closely with you ensuring your software will be branded and delivered in a timely manner.

If you have any questions prior to making your purchase, please feel free to contact me directly!

The following are not Bonuses,

they are necessities.

That's why we are including them with this offer.

"List Duplicate Cleaner"

"Email List Validator"

My, "No Spam Solution"

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